Rachael Chatoor
1987 Porsche 911 Targa
Meet Rachael Chatoor from Houston, TX. She and her husband, Jac, are definitely some of the very nicest people we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They were concerned about buying a car they had never seen or driven. We are proud to quote her comments when she emailed this photo. All the best to some VERY special people!

Hi Larry,

Here is a picture of our fabulous 87'Targa, a very welcome new member to the household.

We want to thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for the time and dedication you showed in helping us acquire the car of our dreams. This is our first ever out of state purchase, and I am delighted to tell you that it was an awesome experience. I could not have found better service and care anywhere, even if I had walked onto a showroom floor in person somewhere here in Texas.

The car came looking gorgeous and running perfectly, just as you described it. No surprises except for the good ones, like the fact that it looks even prettier in person than it does in the pictures.

You saw to it that the car has everything we need for it to be in excellent running order, and your sincere efforts to ensure it arrived safely and in pristine condition made this the best car buying experience ever.

Though we expect to have this 911 for quite some time yet, when it does come time for us to make our next luxury car purchase, we would feel very privileged if you would consider serving us again.

Sincerely, Rachael Chatoor